Friday, November 19, 2010

NU 107 Will Never ****** Die!

This has been the final theme of NU 107. Notice the once red, black, and white logo became gray, white, and black, respectively; representing the end of an era. It gives the creeps to those who see it.

Two weeks ago, NU 107 went off the air...forever; and Pinoy Rock would never be the same again.

Personally, I'm no hardcore rock fan, and I didn't went there; but this news of the Home of NU Rock saying goodbye struck everyone. I first heard of it through Claude 9 of UST Tiger Radio who is the pioneer Radio Production Head of Tomasian Cable Television (TOMCAT, the TV and Radio station of the University of Santo Tomas); and he is actually my friend and mentor at TOMCAT, who was also a staff of NU 107 before he worked at 99.5 RT to this day. He emphasized this during our Sembreak Workshop at the said organization, quoting, "...Next year, the Home of NU Rock would become the Home of NO Rock" [sic].

As I write this post, I am watching some clips from YouTubers who attended the Last Goodbye of the station; and Claude 9 was right: it was devastating to the jocks and fans alike. As I was watching, I felt that I would like to crap bricks. As I am writing, I can't help but creep out to how the participants felt. THEY WERE CRYING, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! There were sobbing inside the booth and out; and the last song they played as NU 107 before the compulsory Lupang Hinirang was also appropriate: E-heads' "Ang Huling El Bimbo". Ending this dramatic scene was the playing of the Philippine National Anthem; some hands were on the chest, others clinched high while singing.

The aftermath was even more devastating: rock fans all over the country are just waiting for the signal of a revolution--a rock revolution, that is. For now, their only beacon is RJ Underground Radio 105.9, the sister-station of RJ 100 and DZRJ Radio Bandido. I tell you: even I still feel this void in my identity, just as everyone  has experienced.

As what was said, just as Rock could never die, "NU 107 will never (censored) die!"

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