Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I knew it....

Okay. This would be the last time I'll blog about Shamcey Supsup. 

Well, a friend of mine, who happened to be a Third Order Dominican, made a bold announcement on his status last night on Facebook: 

"I can relate to the question because happened to me in real life. My boyfriend converted to my faith because of me. He was a Catholic, now a Christian."

-Shamcey Supsup


And when I saw it just this morning, I was like.... "SABI KO NA NGA BA, EH!" 

What do I expect? What she answered in Miss Universe sounded like a testimonial from an Evangelical or something. Anyway, too sad for us. 

But here's the catch. Shamcey said: "My boyfriend converted to my faith because of me...." I heard something fishy about this. I think this could be a Manalist statement, but I doubt it.

If you try to relate the two statements--the Miss Universe answer and the latter one--it seems to me that it was Shamcey who pressured her boyfriend to change his religion (sadly, Catholicism). No wonder why she said she will not change her religion for the man she loves. SHE ALREADY TOLD HER BOYFRIEND TO CHANGE HIS RELIGION FOR HER SAKE. 

I don't know if you'll pray for her enlightenment, but one thing's for sure: St. Peter's road is the best way to Christ. It's never too late for this couple to cross--or maybe swim across the Tiber. 

For now, what Shamcey Supsup said was a low blow. Remember: before the Arians, Nestorians, Orthodox Christians, the Lutherans, the Protestants, Pseudo-Christians, Sedevacantists, and even the SSPX, there was only one type of Christianity--Catholicism--and that at least for ten centuries, there was only one Church--the TRUE one--the Catholic Church; and that these other churches splinter from the Church out of heresy, schism, misunderstanding, and protest. That means, unless Shamcey Supsup and her "ander de saya" ex-Catholic boyfriend converted (or return) to Catholicism, what we can do is to await the mercy and justice of God upon them. 


  1. I have my suspicion the moment I heard her answer... Although it was very courageous for her to prioritize God first it is very "pambihira" to say that Catholics are not Christians, if that's the case, they can ditch their Bibles since it was compiled by a pagan community

  2. it saddened me to learn these things about Shamcey Supsup... i thought she has the brain because she topped the exam for architects and placed among top 5 in the Miss Universe. Yet, having the brain and having the wisdom are really two different qualities among people... I'd rather have the latter..

  3. Me too. I never praise her answer bec I thought something is fishy and immediately searched for her religion online and came up with nothing. Am glad I found this article. Sad for the boyfriend who never understood his Catholic faith in the first place.

  4. catholicism is not christian.Catholicism originated about 400 years after the period of Jesus and apostles.Catholicism was formed as a result of combining christianity with pagan practices inorder to consolidate the power of Constantine's roman government at that time.They changed the name of old idola to christian names and continued to use them in prayer and worship and this came to be the practice of "intercession/veneration of saints.Likewise they changed the pagan solar mass of December25th to Christ's mass.They changed the crucifixion date of Jesus to friday to make it in conformity with pagan fertility festival.Easter is a corruption of feast of Ishtar.Those who opposed this corruption of christianity were branded as heretics and massacred throughout the 1600 years of existense of catholicism. Some of these true christian groups who rejected the catholic corruption were 1.Early Manichaens,Donatists-(2-7th century AD) 2.Paulicians & Bogomils-(6-12th century AD) 3.Cathars,Waldensians,Hussites and finally protestants(11th century AD till today) All these groups were branded as heretics by catholics and massacred.Catholic/orthodox sects still spread the lie that theses groups are heretics to save their face and keep their idolatrous practices like intercession/veneration of saints,and other heretic false doctrines secret from the masses.



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