Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My Christmas Wishlist

Okay, so it's still very far from Christmas (and I really think you're hoping it would come soon). But I have a lot of things to consider; and yes, one of them is my wishlist.

So if you don't mind, let me have my wishlist here. Maybe my Top Three.

-A PBS (PHL Bible Society) Tagalog-English Diglot Bible (with the Tagalog translation by Msgr. Abirol, basically the best translation!)
price: P715

 Yep. That one. But I prefer a black cover than a blue one here.

Well, this IS a must for me. I really need a reliable Tagalog translation of the Scriptures. Literary passages. I consider this as the greatest gem of my library at a considerably affordable cost. hahahaha

-An altar server's BLACK cassock (with surplice, of course)
price: about P2,000 to P4,500

This one.

I know this is wishful thinking as an altar server, a freelance one to be specific. But hey, you ain't a knight of the altar without it. It's like you're fighting a horde of demons when you wear them.

 -And finally, a portable CB radio with an FM radio feature
price: P3,000-4,000 (x2 to accommodate the other side = P6,000-8,000)

Not really this model, but if I found out that it has an FM player feature to kill the boredom, I'm wishing for it! 

So you would be wondering why the hell am I considering this one of my top three items in my wishlist: 

Since my stint in signal communications, I had this hobby of monitoring things, especially events concerning the community, and even coordination with religious events in our area. Again, wishful thinking. For now, this piece of technology would cost my limb, and it may come true (I hope it will) three to four Christmases from now.

But this wishlist isn't really the primary thing I have to consider. Even if it already is the 24th of December. Because the truth is these things are but outward things I can live without (of course with the exception of the first item). And even if I may afford it, it would have the right time. 

For now, let me break the extended Christmas spirit to focus on the memory of our deceased brothers since November is a week from now. 

Thanks for reading, anyway.

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