Thursday, January 5, 2012

I Blogged Anyway….: The Second Anniversary Post

Well, I would be out in the Second Anniversary of this blog. PRELIMS. 

But I would be leaving you with this thought:

Two years have now passed since I started blogging. I knew that it is not my flagship media online, since there would be other things that I may be involved in the future.

And I was right. I was appointed Admin at 100% KATOLIKONG PINOY! last August, and since then, this blog took a back seat when it comes to airing my sentiments. But this blog is very important since this is where I air my personal sentiments on what is going on with the Catholic Church, as well as what I observe in Philippine Media and Politics.
I blogged anyway.

There are things that really transpire in this little sandbox of scribbles and thoughts. May mga pagkakataon na feeling ko, nilalangaw 'tong blog na 'to kaya mga reposts na lang ang nagagawa ko. But there are really a number of original stuff from Yours Truly that really needs to be published.

I blogged anyway.

There are really times that I am frustrated to use my fingers and pick up a pen and paper to make drafts of my written works; or put them into a keyboard and just type with no or little revisions. It turns out that they're beautiful the way they are.

I blogged anyway.

I have beaten my previous number of posts last 2010 by more than a half. And just because of this, I would try to beat that record again this year; because no matter how busy I would be this year, if there is something worth blogging…

I blog it anyway.

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