Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Week with No Priests and other randomness

You heard it right.

Our priests--almost all of them--are at the World Trade Center in Pasay City currently attending the Second National Congress of the Clergy (or maybe I could abbreviate it to NCC II), that would follow the one held last 2004. The theme for this congregation is "Faithfulness of Christ, Faithfulness of Priests" which is also synonymous to and in line with Pope Benedict XVI's declaration of Annus Sacerdotalis--the Year of/for Priests. What made me blog this stuff is that because there is something that wondered me most.

The NCC II coincided with our preliminary examination (which is a week late than the other colleges in UST); and every examination, I attend a morning Mass (and if ever, confess to a priest) out of impulse desire to be inspired in the middle of the exam. I thought the Dominicans were also in the clerical retreat, so I still went to the chapel to at least pray to God that He would inspire me as I take the papers on that day. To my surprise, I still heard Mass and there are still priests saying it. The assumption that I made was: "Maybe they do not want to attend because they have this passion of serving the faithful even if their brothers (their fellow priests) are in renewal of themselves; or maybe how they wished to attend the clerical retreat, but at least they have to consider their pastorate before setting off to Pasay. Anyway, Pasay is just about thirty minutes from Sampaloc, Manila."

Anyway, that was just an assumption. Of course in one way or another they would like to participate, though they also have to say the Triduum Masses for Saint Thomas Aquinas (our University's patron saint), for by the time I am writing this blog, St. Thomas' feast day is just six hours away....

Yeah, that was just a piece of random fact I made here. Nothing extraordinary. Let's just pray for and with our priests that they may serve the Lord with all they are just as we serve Him through ourselves and the best of us.

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