Monday, December 27, 2010

Since it's Christmas time (and 2011 is fast approaching), I feel that I should make my Personal Statement and Official Stand to the ever-growing conflict on House Bill 96, more known as the Reproductive Health Bill, and this is what I wrote in the Facebook Wall of the group "I Oppose the RH Bill":

We need more professionals to keep this country afloat. We need more priests to offer God's graces to the people. We need more soldiers (both on the Regular and the Reserve forces) to defend the Motherland from any threat to its existence. We need more educators to teach the young what is morally right. We need more athletes who would give pride to this country in the field of sports. 

We are against the Culture of Death because it destroys the potentials that the unborn may possess from within. We are against the Reproductive Health Bill in its current form for it prevents us from having competent professionals, fruitful vocations, military manpower, quality education, and having the Gold Medal in the Olympics. But most of all, we are against its present stand (that is concealed within its loopholes) because it will threaten the State's progress and social bearing to herself and to the world. 

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