Saturday, March 19, 2011

In hoc signo vinces: CBCP Monitor Editorial, Vol. 15 no. 6, March 14-27, 2011

WHILE a small band of Planned Parenthood (aka Reproductive Health) advocates were rallying in the Batasan, many pro-life activities and prayer meetings organized by Catholics all over the archipelago remained largely unnoticed by mainstream media, for one reason or the other. That was Tuesday, March 8, 2011—International Women’s Day the world over.

But the happening at the University of Santo Tomas the day after was just too big not to notice. Ash Wednesday, March 9—in just one Catholic university, 24,000 students, teachers and school personnel assembled to form a human cross that even the pro-RH media networks just had to cover. The 400-year-old UST was Ground Zero, and with a vision that pierced through the most sinister of clouds, blessed eyes from Heaven were watching.

The awesome Cross made of over 24,000 persons was meant to commemorate the beginning of the Lenten Season, but it was also meant to send a strong message against the passage of the planned parenthood-styled Reproductive Health Bill. Foreign paymasters and controllers of Reproductive Health
NGOs do not seem to grasp the sheer size of a sleeping prolife giant that is just beginning to awaken. For a while in the Philippines there might not be such a thing as a Catholic vote, but there is no doubt about the existence of a Catholic

The parts of this compelling symbol of life are 99% young— the future of our homeland, the last country that has not formally succumbed to the culture of death.

Some have hastily predicted the arrival of a post-Christian era for the Philippines, but beyond the dark clouds hovering over a nation whose poor have been battered by foreign intervenors and our own fraudulent countrymen, we Filipinos swear yearly by the Nazarene and affirm by His cross that we shall rise up and face the challenges of life with resiliency and endurance.

And it is by this sign that the Faithful of the Philippines shall resist and conquer. Not only shall we survive; we shall flourish and we shall thrive! 

Blogger's Note: Shoutout to Br. Mark Vertido for the photo and statement....

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