Sunday, March 13, 2011

Teenagers and Abortion: A Blog Post by Celine Laroza (with Reactions)

This blog has to credit Ms. Celine Laroza, one of my fellow members in 100% Katolikong Pinoy for this post. [All my reactions will be in this form.] To those who wanted to see the original post, visit her blog here.

Being a teenager is like being a scientist. You’re always “in” to experiments and you discover new things. It’s the time of our lives where curiosity strikes the most. [Indeed, teenagers are very experimental....] Suppose your in front of a machine where attached on it is a tiny switch. Of course, you have no idea what could happen if ever you do turn that switch on, and because of too much curiosity, your hands are itching and you couldn’t help yourself but to turn it on. [I remembered a cartoon character with a line like this: "Oooooo.... What does this button do?"] When we speak of teenage, the concept of having relationships will never be erased. [You bet, Sis bet!] From textmates to friends, then you become closer and closer to each other, and next thing you know, you’re already celebrating your one year anniversary! One problem of teenage relationships is that they get to the point where they think that their relationship is getting “cold”, and the solution, sex – which probably results to teenage pregnancy. And when they realize that they can’t handle it, they have this “prepared and ready solution” – ABORTION. Abortion for me is never an answer when it comes to pregnancy as an “accident” because you’ll be the “Neighborhood’s most talk about” princess and it is against the laws of God. [Even if we put it in a secular view, abortion really isn't healthy.]

They say that abortion is an easy way if you want to get rid of that small “accident” of yours, but I say it’s not. [Some may say that a fetus is not a baby, but a mere clot of blood. I say they're insane.] Not only is your body at stake after having all the “unsupported” medications you’ve undergone, but also your reputation and name is on bad shape. Every time you go outside, you’ll see people looking at you, and you can hear how they whisper to each other. Even though you can’t clearly hear what they are talking about, you know inside of you that its your big tummy being discussed, and the worst part of it, no matter how many times you say that you never regretted being pregnant, that “not so good” reputation of yours will remain forever.
[Ergo, physical, psychological, mental, emotional, and social disorder.] Well, what do you expect anyway? Teenagers are supposed to be at school worrying about their quizzes and research papers, and not at home worrying about where to get money to buy their baby’s milk and diapers. [Every teenage girl who will read this must remember that there is an appropriate time for the latter statement.]

“Thou shall not kill.” This commandment of God tells us that we, His creatures, have the right to live and experience Earth. Every human creature has their chances of stepping in on God’s holy grounds. Haven’t you ever think how sad it would be if the child on your womb died because of abortion as your decision? [You're like committing murder on an innocent person, actually.] You are killing an innocent child’s chances of having the opportunity to experience how great it is to be on God’s given Earth. You made the biggest mistake of your life and you just had yourself a ticket to the opposite path of heaven.

Abortion is never an answer. We should keep in mind that everybody deserves to see God’s given world. Admit it; you wouldn’t like it too if you were the child that is about to be aborted. If you’re not ready to enter the real world, then stop and start thinking. Think about your parents. You have to admit that it is because of them that’s why you are who you are right now, and never did they taught about aborting you. Abortion is not a solution, but rather the key to enter a miserable life.[Very well said.... Need I say more?] 

Blogger's Note: 

Aside from the brief intro, Celine Laroza is also studying at De La Salle University-Dasmariñas. She is maintaining a blog of her own, and is actively participating in KP's posts. 

And to the boys, I'll have my version of this; so watch out....  

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