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Pro-RH People never saw this coming....

The 100% Katolikong Pinoy Manila Chamber of Regulars (CORE). Blogger is second from right proudly flying the Philippine Color (and in military jargon, you know what that means...). 

The I Oppose the RH Bill Team, KP's sister-group, mostly from Filipinos For Life. 

I promised you a follow-up yesterday, and here it is.... 

Yours Truly became so excited for the Prayer Rally entitled "Filipinos! Unite Under God for Life!" that I left UST at 1 in the afternoon so that I could make it to the 3pm call time that was set by Kuya Randolf Flores, one of the Senior Admins of our group. It turns out that I was the first to arrive there: specifically in the area near that of Radyo Veritas' setup point, which is positioned at the left side of the Grandstand when facing it. By 3 in the afternoon, Kuya Randolf and Kuya Weldann Panganiban showed up; and the rest of the gang followed. Well, I got to see and meet Msgr. Pepe Quitorio in person, so as Fr. Anton Pascual; and among others. The program started with about 40,000 people praying the Holy Rosary. They are from all over the Metro and its suburbs. And take note: this was the figure that mainstream media estimated in broadcast and print.

While majority of the crowd were Catholics, there are also delegations of other religions, specifically imams and a handful of Protestant "bishops", thus making it an interfaith affair. There were also testimonies from Pro-Life legislators, ordinary people, from Bro. Bo Sanchez and Rep. Velarde of Buhay Partylist, and a video message from the People's Champ himself, wherein he said, "Kung wala ang papa ko at wala si Mommy D[ionisia], walang Manny Pacquiao ngayon" [sic]. He is currently in West-Coast America for his training in preparation for his fight against "Sugar" Shane Mosley. Also in that gathering were numerous performances by the YFC, YFL, and other youth groups. Before the Mass, there was a ceremonial tearing of the copy of the Reproductive Health Bill, in a scenario akin to the Cry of Pugad Lawin. And before I forget, The Falcons (Adamson U), the Tigers (of course, UST), and other Catholic schools sent their own delegations in the event; too bad I never had the chance to approach the Thomasian delegation. And finally, a Mass in Solemnity of the Annunciation of the Angel Gabriel to the Blessed Virgin Mary was celebrated by Manila Archbishop Gaudencio Cardinal Rosales and a number of priests and bishops. Before the Final Blessing, Cardinal Rosales led the Prayer of the Consecration of the Philippines to the Two Hearts--The Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. By the end of the Mass, Bro. Mike Velarde of the El Shaddai community showed up and took over the rest of the night for their community's prayer meeting. 

Basically, that was the rundown of the event. But of course, to make this post credible, let me give to you the photo albums of some of my Facebook friends and groups: 

Kuya Weldann (mixed with the pics from the earlier PICC Prayer Rally and the MOA Meeting) 
Sir Ike Jamilla (part of the Thomasian delegation) 

There are also Google-able images from other sources, so do check them out.... 

Do also check out: 

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Secular media screwed the number count, but the V did it right.

You could also check out Kuya Weldann's own blog report, as well as that of Sir Ishmael's.

And at this part of the entry, let the following pictures tell you that this event was absolutely jam-packed! 

Me flying the Colors 


Maging Tunay na Katoliko! Maging Tunay na Pilipino!

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  1. Nice picture blogpost. Now, who says that we're 40,000? Yan, 40,000? That's "We and Our Army...."



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