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I just got this from Sir Nemesio Antonio, Jr. on his post at "The Truth Is..." and yeah.... I smell something fishy in the yellow gloves the Pacman is using in his fight against "Sugar" Shane Mosely.... [Reactions will be on this format....]

Pnoy’s Administration must be really desperate and panicking to regaiin public support.

They’ve now turned to boxing legend Manny Pacquiao as unofficial endorser of the Aquino Government through the yellow gloves he will wear today in his fight against Shane Mosley in Las Vegas, Nevada. [Well, well, well.... What do we have here? A sabotage?]

Why do I say so?

Pacquiao had announced he will wear yellow gloves today to symbolize Filipino unity in the fight against poverty.

But whoever said yellow symbolizes Filipino unity versus poverty? What law? What rule? [I don't even saw that kind of interpretation to yellow.] We all know that yellow is identified to only ONE FAMILY in the entire country, the Aquinos starting with the late former President Cory, Pnoy’s mom. [It's obvious.]

Pacquiao’s decision to wear yellow gloves comes at a time when the Aquino Administration’s popularity is on a CONTINUOUS DECLINE. As far as I know, he never wore yellow gloves in his previous fights. [He normally uses RED gloves.]

But apart from newspaper reports saying Pnoy is praying for Pacquiao’s victory, Deputy Presidential spokesperson Abegail Valte is asking the people to wear yellow today as a sign of unity and support. [But there are hidden agendas to this.]

Even though none of us will be watching the fight live at Nevada. Let me give you two possible explanations for this.

First, they want to make Pacquiao en endorser of the Government. [And MAY have all the power to lure him into the Pro-Death camp (through the infamous Reproductive Health Bill) and away from his original stance of the sanctity of life.] They want him to ask his legions of fans not to lose trust in Pnoy and the Aquino Administration to prevent another drop in the ratings.

Or Pnoy’s boys will take pictures and video footages of seas of yellow which they hope to find today in as many areas as possible. Then, they will come out with these in media claiming that the people are united, not just behind Pacquiao but also the Government, proof that they’re recovering Pnoy’s popularity. [!]

A DISGUSTING and PATHETIC propaganda gimmick. [And I totally agree with it.] Anybody corfrect me if I’m wrong and I assure you I’ll immediately come out with it.

I sure hope Pacquiapo is not a willing participant in this amateurish propaganda scheme., and that he won’t allow himself to be used and exploited by the incompetents in Pnoy’s  government. [Pacquiao must not do so. He has a name of his own, and he should protect that name so that the trust the people gave to him will not be broken.]

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This just in....


Now he's got two things he must consider:

1. Retire from Boxing and ignore Mayweather; and
2. Focus his duties as Representative of Saranggani and knock out the Reproductive Health Bill on his new boxing ring: the Batasang Pambansa.

Now how'dya like that?

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