Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Prophecy or Mass Panic?

Does anyone know this old dude?

Or I guess you have seen these ads before May 21...

Well, how can you convince a largely Catholic country who believes that "NO ONE KNOWS THE HOUR..." (Mt. 24:36) with a "prophecy" of doom that a man named Harold Camping "calculated" in the late 1980's? His so-called "Judgment Day" was first predicted on Sept.7, 1994 (the Vigil(?) of the Birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary), which failed. When it did, Camping explained that there was a "grace period" that will last until May 21, 2011, where each local timezone will experience earthquakes at dusk and souls will be raptured (Rapture is an Evangelical Protestant concept of the election of the faithful, or in simplespeak, souls of "those who are faithful to Christ" will be snatched from the earth and will partake in the Heavenly Banquet. I call it an unfair, overrated stupidity).

But except for a 4-point-something magnitude quake in Northern Luzon that night (which was about an hour late to the predicted "worldwide timezone earthquake"), NOTHING HAPPENED. May 22 came (which is actually my Mom's birthday), and everyone's screwing and cursing Camping personally and virtually. Now he's telling a new date: October 21, 2011. He says that that will be it. I say: even if December 21, 2012 will come, NOTHING WILL HAPPEN; and if there will be a December 22 (which will apparently happen), I'm going to party at my birthday!

He failed once.

He failed twice.

And with this new prediction, he will absolutely fail again.

Will you let him spread his lies and create mass panic? I won't.

Jesus Christ was consistent: NO ONE KNOWS THE HOUR...EXCEPT GOD THE FATHER (Mt. 24:36).

Oh yeah...I almost forgot.... I call this "The Biggest Joke and the Epic Fail of the Century". LOL

Another P.S.: Why emphasize God as Justice? Isn't He Mercy as well? Just because of one man predicting the end of the world, it doesn't follow that God will do it. Besides, Camping had too much adulterated Protestant garbage on his sleeve.

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