Sunday, July 17, 2011

Exploiting the Moment

Radyo Veritas went off air for five days last week due to technical upgrading...

...and in its absence, all hell broke loose.

It seems that the dissident anti-Catholics took it as an opportunity to discredit the Church all the more. But five days were not enough to create a significant change in the rationality of Filipinos; and in those five days, a miracle even happened--the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) is now on the defensive mood after the seven bishops were resolved to return to PCSO the SUV's which they allegedly purchased in the course of the Senate hearing. Besides, it was not their loss since they promised a vow of poverty in their ordination to the priesthood.

Furthermore, the revelation of this issue made Carlos Celdran, Elizabeth Angsioco, and their allies and minions furiously rage together and imagine vain things such as "SaPARI at MitsuBISHOP", and other insulting statements. But the sweet revenge (backfire could be a better term) of this issue is that by this radio silence, all the more DZRV's fellow media professionals--whether in TV, Radio, Print, or in Multimedia--have shown their true colors: On one side, the personal bias of some of them prevailed; on the other, the objectivity of balancing views--and sometimes favoring the underdog of this issue, which is the Catholic Church and its ardent adherers.

In this end, Radyo Veritas is back on air--stronger and more widespread. But there is always an effect in communication, even in radio silence; since radio can be an effective catalyst for change and can sway listeners to take action.

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