Tuesday, July 5, 2011

May Tama na ang Gumawa ng "May Tamang Balita".

Let's see.... 

GMA News TV has launched its light-side news program called "May Tamang Balita" in the channel's advent last March, and they got the humor of the viewers; somehow a relief from the stale, bad-tasting news programs and stuff. 

There's no problem with that, since they got the concept of this foreign news satire program which I already am ignorant of.... 

...until "May Tamang Balita" moved on its second season where they reformatted, changed airtime, and got so deviant to its previous treatment. 

There's nothing wrong with making fun with what's happening and what's on the news, BUT NOT TO THE POINT OF HITTING BELOW SOMEONE'S BELT, OR IN THIS CASE, AN INSTITUTION'S, ON NATIONAL TELEVISION. 

And if you're following that show, you know what segment I'm talking about. 

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