Thursday, September 1, 2011

-Ber Months are here again....

Aaaahh, the -BER months.... Parang kelan lang.

Actually, I also have a lot of things to consider before that happy moment at the last month of the year--and I mean, A LOT.

One of them would be my promise of returning to Santo Domingo to see the Great Lady of Heaven (whose Nativity we would be celebrating in just a few more days) and her Son, the King of Kings--Child He may be, but the majesty He manifests shatters even the most devout. This is also a promise of duty, since almost a year ago, proudly donning an ROTC uniform, I participated into the security of the Queen and those who guarded it--who were actually my superiors. In short, this will be my "giving back" to the experience and formation that I have greatly acquired, and at the same time, my dedication and devotion to the one thing that I NEVER leave home without--the Most Holy Rosary.

I also have to consider my Finals in all my subjects, plus our "awards night" in our TV Production class. Even right now, I'm hands full in organizing our Marian Week in my affiliated college in UST! Yes, true to what I said, that's A LOT!

Anyway, good thing I survived Grassroots Month.... Back to me blogging in my comfort zone.

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