Monday, December 5, 2011

The REAL Santa Claus worships the Christ Child

Who says Santa Claus is the man of the Christmas season?


The Santa you see on TV, and virtually everywhere, is just the secular impostor.

He's the REAL Santa Claus: Saint Nicholas of Myra. Even he pronounces that Christ must be the Center of the Season.

And take note: he was the one who beat the hell out of Arius when he can't take what the heretic was saying.


Well, according to a story, when Arius was arguing that Jesus Christ was not God (which Manalists and other anti-Catholic sects follow unkowingly), Saint Nicholas rose up and smacked Arius in the face. Because of this, he was stripped off of his episcopal authority, confiscating his copy of the Gospels and the omophor or pallium, and was detained.

While inside the cell, Jesus and Mary appeared to him and asked him why the saint was in prison. Bishop Nicholas replied, "Because I love you, my Lord and my God." Christ gave him a new copy of the Gospels and the Blessed Mother vested him again with the omophor, bringing back his authority as bishop.

Years later, Dutch people transformed the traditional Saint Nicholas into Santa Claus, and since then, became a popular culture figure every Christmas, which secularists copied and made impostors.

I find it ironic though that secular Santa impostors have the nerve of shouting "Ho ho ho! MERRY CHRISTMAS!" I guess, they should realize that they're saying OUR line.

But imagine, Santa Claus isn't just making a list of who's naughty or nice, he's also beating the hell out of anyone who disregards the Reason for the season, Jesus Christ, the Child in the manger of Bethlehem two thousand years ago. So you better watch your theological thinking and prioritizing this Christmas, or you'll get a knuckle sandwich from Ol' Saint Nick aside from coal while shouting "HO HO HO!".

Can he also be the Patron of boxers? hahahahaha

Anyway, here's what Sir Ishmael Ahab and Fr. Jojo Zerrudo have to say.

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