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The Dramatic Memorial March for Mothers at the CBCP

This was actually a note from a friend of mine which she wrote Easter Sunday, and it was against the Feb 27 rally of the Pro-Deathers who surrounded an empty CBCP Compound.

Kudos to Ms. Monica Guioguio for this.

The Dramatic Memorial March for Mothers at the CBCP

“The lives lost, the children left behind, the hopes and relationships cut short, the contributions to society that have ceased.”

“We only leave behind the 11 candles with their dying flames. May the memories of the eleven women who died today touch your hearts and minds.”

These are such nice words to hear. Unfortunately, these same words are dubiously used to misrepresent the Catholic Church.

As a response to an obviously deceiving attempt to malign the Church, CBCP news through Msgr. Juanito Figura, CBCP secretary general, stressed that the church “do not in any way down play these women’s situation.”

Population control and public funds to subsidize contraceptives that's the real RH agenda. They claimed that there are 11 deaths per day due to lack of reproductive health, is it really the case?

First,  Corazon Juliano-Soliman the Secretary of DSWD said, "at least 10 women die everyday due to pregnancy or child birth-related complications." 11 against 10 is already a sign of dishonesty. Secondly, According to the Department of Health, the following have been the 5 leading causes of maternal mortality since 2004: 

1) Complications related to pregnancy 
2) Hypertension complicating pregnancy and childbirth 
3) Postpartum hemorrhage 
4) Pregnancy with abortive outcome 
5) Hemorrhage in early pregnancy

Why are these the leading causes? What are the things that needs to be done? Put the blame on the Catholic Church?  Msgr. Juanito Figura stated that;

“Precisely, the bishops ‘call on our government to address effectively the real causes of poverty such as corruption, lack of economic and social services, lack of access to education and the benefits of development, social inequities," quoting the CBCP’s latest pastoral letter. 

Msgr. Juanito Figura further stated that "those are the reasons of the deaths and suffering many Filipino women, especially the poor. "

“But the RH bills will not correct these root causes of poverty; it can even worsen the already real and present problems,” he said.

The CBCP, he said, further called for the establishment of more hospitals and clinics in the rural areas, the deployment of more health personnel to provide more access to health services, among others.

Among the reasons why the bishops reject the RH bill is "its overall trajectory towards population control", and its intention to "use public funds to subsidize contraceptives and sterilization services". - CBCP News

My guess, that march should have been directed to the DOH, the Ombudsman and Malacañang. They seemed to have protested on those who are calling for solutions on maternal deaths as well.

Hendry Plaza, the reproductive health programme officer for UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund, says: “We will only [achieve] 140 deaths per 100,000 live births in 2015. We are still statistically off-track from the MDG of 55 deaths per 100,000. 

Mr. Plaza is so sure about this 'achievement' that he seem to be quite convinced the RH Bill is already a law. I agree that we need to develop and change the usual Filipino reliance to a "masahista" or "kumadrona" to lessen maternal deaths. But the Filipino out of being poor would rather rely on these than go to a hospital which requires downpayments before extending medical help. There are lots of issues that needs to be addressed first, and the RH Bill though having some solutions also have problems that would only worsen our situation. Just when did a woman dying of maternal complications needed pills or condoms to save her life? Prevent her from being pregnant in the first place is the solution? Yeah right! (sways head). Push for a law that will directly address the problem of maternal deaths and don't inject something that doesn't really solve the problem.

This kind of action is simply anti-Catholicism. Besides, the same atheists crowd are the ones most in that march anyway.

RH Supporters Held a Memorial March for Mothers at the CBCP February 27th 2011. Take notice of the hand sign.  It is the baphomet horns hand signal/sign, these are not just simple hand signals, they mean "I Love You Satan" on the heavy metal world of satanism.

Meet the Filipino Freethinkers. They are the famous flesh loving RH advocates mocking the Last Supper of the Lord. These are the very individuals who wants to eliminate the usual Filipino identity into a more promiscuous country like that of America. Do they look pro-poor?

Blaspheme is common with these RH advocates. The RH bill is just a tool to further advance anti-Catholicism in the Philippines. 

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